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Auger ATC
Technical Data


The Jonova Auger Drive Unit lets you dig plumb holes with speed and precision without breaking the bank. The planetary geared drive unit powers through tough soil and dirt and keeps the power ready for when you need it. When digging holes, torque means power!

With Auger bits available from 6" to 24" wide, there are endless applications for your auger. Turn fence installs into an easy weekend job! Perfect for digging sump drains, concrete footings, or post holes on the job site. 



- Forged hood ears to cope with the heavy strain of daily use.

- Lockable hood pin makes it almost impossible to detach from your frame.

- Non-dislodgement shaft guarantees the shaft will never fall out making a safer work environment.

- Suitable for machines with 10 - 20 GPM hydraulic flow rate. 

- Planetary gear box delivers efficient torque and increased reliability.

- 6", 9", 12", 18", and 24" diameter Auger bits available.

-18", 24", and 48" extensions posts available.


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